About Us

At Outside Minds our mission is to help our clients drive innovation and creativity in society and within the organisation.

We have several years of experience of working in the tech and startups scene with both smaller and bigger organisations from the private and public sector. We have the best know-how to help your company drive innovation and creativity with help of modern methodology. 

Our passion is to help drive innovation and creativity for our clients by offering tailor made project management within conferences and events, meetups, workshops and hackathons.

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Team Outside Minds

Love Dager


Founder of Outside Minds and working with all things events

Jasmin Elmi

Project Manager

Operations, partner management and communication

External team

Fredrik Lundkvist

Technical Producer

Adam Strandberg

Art Director & Designer

Nick Collins

Web Developer

Victor Ganguly

Content Producer

Livestreams, photography, podcasts

Elias Ljungberg


All things photo: events, portraits and video

Pontus Ågeryd

Content Producer

Agenda and speaker curation, entertainment and music