Hack for Sweden - Almedalen

July 1-7, 2019

About the project

Almedalsveckan is the world's largest democratic meeting place for anyone who wants to discuss social issues. It is an obvious meeting place with more than 50 years of history where everyone can participate. Almedalen is a park, close to the sea and in the middle of the world heritage city of Visby. At Almedalsveckan in Visby, events are taking place around the city center in the first week of July. The majority of events are part of the official program and they are all free and open to everyone.

For 2019 years addition of Almedalsveckan, Hack for Sweden was also fully present during the general week with talks, keynotes and of course hackathon. We went all in with the main focus on action. On July 1-3, we were present in Digidalen with keynote speakers on the theme 'how can we increase the power of innovation in Sweden and create the Sence of Urgency we need. Amongst some of the speakers were Susanne Fuglsang, CEO at Innovation Pioneers, Erik Sandström, CDO at Arbetsförmedlingen and Mikael Ahlström, Entrepreneur & Global Speaker in Innovation and Digitalization.

At Digialen we also held interviews with the super entrepreneur Ishtar Touailat and the digital expert Åsa Zetteberg as well as arranging discussions, workshops and mini hackathons. On Friday July 4th we were responsible for arranging a full day event in collaboration with Google Cloud with panel debattes and keynote speakers on the topic of innovation, digitalization, sustainability and open data. We also got to hear the winning teams of the Hack for Sweden 2019 competition present their soultions and 6-month progress.

What we did

As the Event and Operation Managers of Hack for Sweden, Outside Minds were responsible for planning and executing all events, hackathons, workshops and seminars Hack for Sweden held during the week.