Hack for Sweden - OECD Meetup

May 10, 2019

About the project

Hack for Sweden was the host when OECD officially handed over the report "Digital Government Review of Sweden" to the Swedish government. At the request of the Swedish Government, the OECD has carried out an evaluation of how public authorities in Sweden handle data in order to streamline and develop their operations. It can be data for tomorrow's traffic system with self-driving cars, non-personal health data for research on new drugs, geographical data to streamline the community building process or space data to better understand climate change.

What we did

Outside Minds was responsible for planning and executing the meet-up which were held at The Park Södra, 10 May 2019. During the meet-up we had a panel with The General Director of Vinnova, The General Director of DIGG - Agency of digital Government, Representative from the department of infrastructure and Policy analyst at OECED who discussed how we can introduce more innovation in the public sector and how we could use open data more efficiently to create innovative solution for the future of Sweden. The Director for Public Governance at the OECD also officially handed over the report commissioned by the Swedish Government o Minister of Digitization Anders Ygeman.