September 8, 2018
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About the project

Hackin' is a yearly full-day hackathon organized by SSE Business Lab together with Entrepreneurship Society (SASSE) and I Innovations for students of collaborating universities, to connect students who want to start their own company within 12 hours.

Great startups are built with diversity and that is why the aim with Hackin' is to connect driven and curious students from multiple disciplines and backgrounds to lay the grounds for great teams. The hackathon consists of 100 students from Bachelors to Doctorates and MBAs who work to solve the problems of tomorrow.

What we did

Outside Minds was responsible for setting the structure, planning and executing the 2018 years Hackin' hackathon. All 100 students were divided in small groups to get the best out of the hackathon workshops and create solutions to help the problems of tomorrow.