Nordic Smart City Hack

2-6 November, 2020

About the project

Nordic Smart City Hack is a 48-hour online hackathon organized by The Swedish Institute in collaboration with H22 Helsingborg between 2-6 November. Citizens from the Nordic countries came together and collaborated to create innovative and sustainable digital solutions for smarter cities in the Nordics. Hackers could compete with either a concept or technical prototype solution in one of our five challenge categories with focus on smarter cities. All hackers were provided with platforms, tools and mentors to guide them throughout the hackathon as well as live streamed sessions during the hackathon. The hackathon officially opened with an livestremed opening ceremony on 2 November and fished with a prize ceremony on 6 November, where the three winners were announced.

The mission for Nordic Smart City Hack was to connect the smart city ecosystems of the Nordic countries and to create real sustainable solutions for the future cities of the Nordics. By inviting citizens from all of Nordics our aim was to create a platform for citizen-driven innovation where all members of society can join in shaping the cities of the future. This hackathon resulted in 17 submitted solutions across all five challenge categories.

What we did

Outside Minds as a hackathon supplier to The Swedish Institute were responsible for the entire project and contributed with a team consisting of a Hackathon Manager, Operations Manager, Partner Manager and Community Manager. Outside Minds were responsible for the entire hackathon process including facilitating partners, communicating and instructing the hackers as well as facilitating the mentors and jury members and managing the livestream. Outside Minds set up the structure, all digital platforms and facilitated and managed the operative responsibilities during the hackathon. This included facilitating the mentor work, all platforms, the jury work as well as the livestream.