Regeringskansliet hackathon

October 23, 2019

About the project

On October 23, the Government's National Innovation Council with Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén visited Linnaeus University in Kalmar for their regional meeting. The purpose of the Council's regional meetings is to learn from local and regional experiences to develop national policies. In parallel with the meeting, the Innovation Council day was also organized with various workshops from Vinnova and Hack for Sweden. The Innovation Council meetings focus on how society through innovation and collaboration can take on complex social challenges and the theme day in Kalmar had the two focus areas of e-health and sustainable water use, two important issues for the region.

The participants at the meeting discussed the problem picture that exists with water scarcity and the challenges that exist with an aging population that challenges the health and welfare sector with a focus on e-health. A major focus was on the solutions and opportunities that innovation and new technology can offer.

What we did

Outside Minds were responsible for one of the tracks during the theme day consisting of two different hackathon workshops on e-health and water scarcity. During each 3-hour workshop the participants were given methods to collaborate and find common goals and ways to solve societal challenges in line with the structure of regular Hackathons.

Except moderating and guiding the participants through the workshop, Outside Minds also create the customised hackathon concept to fit this particular day. The results of each workshop and discussed ideas and solutions from the participants were created and presented by Outside Minds in a digital compilation for each focus area.