Sokigo Hackathon

August 28-29, 2019
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About the project

On 28 August 2019, Sokigo gathered all employees from different departments and offices across Sweden for a kick off. The focus of the kick off was on the corporate culture and for the employees within the company to get to know each other better. As a part of the kick off, Sokigo wanted a few selected departments to compete in a 24 hour hackathon to come up with a solution to' what they can do to digitally reduce the distance between the offices and contribute to a unified corporate culture'.

The goals with the hackathon was that each participant should: create and improve relationships with developers from other departments, learn something new, eg: (technical skills, development methodology and/or creative processes) as well as having fun!.

What we did

Outside Minds was responsible for arranging and executing the hackathon including the structure and set up as well as the activities alongside the hackathon. Teams were formed with employees from different offices and their task was to develop a prototype for an interactive digital screen that would reduce the distance between the offices and create a unified corporate culture. All teams pitched their solution in front of a jury and the rest of the group and collectively two winners were chosen. One for the best idea and one for best implementation.